My Homestead Harvest

Can your garden bring both joy and wholesome food for your family?

At Homestead Harvest, we think the answer is a resounding "yes" regardless of your available space or experience. We work with you to design a sustainable and beautiful gardening space whether it's a window sill planter or a spacious raised bed garden. From initial design to ongoing maintenance, My Homestead Harvest will help you through each step of your gardening journey.

Gardening for the North

Much gardening advice on the web is geared for warm and predictable climates, but gardening in the northern midwest is different. With four distinct seasons, when and which plants we choose to cultivate make all the difference. Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, My Homestead Harvest is your seasoned guide through our variable climate.

Here to Support You

Perhaps you are looking to design and construct your very own raised bed garden. Maybe you need help maintaining the plants you already have. Or you could just be looking for some advice on plants that can thrive in your particular environment. In any case, My Homestead Harvest will help turn your gardening dreams into a reality.

Fun for the Whole Group

Are you looking for a fun activity for a bridal shower, birthday party, or just to learn something new? We are thrilled to offer workshops designed for all ages where participants learn gardening by doing it. We will provide everything you need so you can bring home a salad bowl, edible flowers, or culinary herbs containers to add to your dishes.


We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

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